Who are we really?

We are all chosen to be born on this earth and have made a contract with the universe (before coming here) to live on earth to experience something specific – and so is our soul’s journey.

Many people want to know what we were in our previous lives.

Friends, actually all of us have already been born many times. If we remember the past life, we cannot live the present life peacefully. It prevents us from making the right decisions or evolving and growing.

Think about it. What is the use of remembering the experiences of two previous births if we cannot face the bitter incident of fighting, fear, anger, deception, deception that we did two days ago, or a week ago, or a month ago? We can’t even think about it, let alone deal with it. So if the Lord had given us the power to know the past life, we would not have been able to enjoy even this life in this life, without temptation, without passion, without peace, and would have continued living in the past like crazy people and wasted it. ..

Every happiness-sadness, pain-pleasure, success-loss, love-hate that we experience, our life is created only when we choose what we need from our thoughts.

  • Arun Ravindran

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