Aloneness to Solitude


Even though it is written on the cigarette pack that smoking is harmful to health, it is as if a person reads it and falls in love with it and ends up ruining his health for a day. Similarly In life,we believe all these people walk like me, listen to me, love me, can’t be apart from me, and give me priority, the fascination of expectations ends and when they don’t act like that, our expectations are broken and we have to feel lonely. So what is loneliness?? Loneliness does not mean that everyone has shunned me, but loneliness is the feeling that I have no one even though being among everyone. First of all, a person should let go of that pride. Many times in the life for many people this loneliness is like a curse that takes their life towards the fall. According to research, this attitude makes us susceptible to mental health. To overcome this mental fall we first need to understand how we get into this cycle and Learn how to get out of this trap.

There should not be three things in mind about any one object. They are raga-bhaya-krodha. The pre-condition of suffering is fear; The answer to fear is sadness! Raga is excessive desire, disappointment when the object of desire is not obtained. If that thing gets from us to the weak, wrath on them; Fear of the strong from us! All these are mind-blowing. For example

 With constant contact with an object, we develop a fascination with it. First introduction, friendship through introduction, then over-attachment of that friendship. Then desire that they should be mine. Anger when we don’t get what we want. Conditional Love is the root of this rage! Lust is the root cause of anger. If we want to stop getting angry, we must first give up lust. As desire decreases, anger decreases. Clinging or clinging develops lustful desires. Anger when it is not fulfilled. Fascinated by anger. It means that incongruous thoughts come into the head and the desire to do something that should not be done. From this, the power to analyze what is right and what is wrong goes away and we descend to the level of justifying wrong as right. Its result: the insistence that revenge should be done. From it total depravity and at last the degradation of the soul – destruction – annihilation!

When the intellect is destroyed, the mind is dead. It makes life to go in a bad way. This is the path of degradation. If we want to rise higher, we have to realize the importance of the soul with  the Supreme soul and surrender to Him. When the mind thinks in a good way, the soul can rise. Before this, we have to reduce over-attachment. It doesn’t mean not to love or befriend anyone. Let there be love, let there be friendship, but no infatuation and expectations. Let there be a firm decision that what has come will come. The reason for sadness is the expectation that it should be like this. Being with everything, loving everyone – but not being attached (Detached attachment). This is the basic mantra of achievement and happiness.

 The mind should always be happy. When we are not happy, we lose health both mentally and physically. It is a pleasure to feel comfortable in any situation.

 – Arun Raveendra –

Purpose coach, Cognitive Behaviors’ Therapist, sports Phycologist 

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