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5 Secrets to Attracting Customers with the Best Blog Headlines

Writing blog headlines isn’t so much about being a fantastic writer—that skill is more beneficial for your content. Instead, writing headlines is more about engaging readers and drawing them in, which you can do with a few simple tricks. Try these tips below to attract customers to your website with the kind of blogging headlines that really stand out.

Use Keywords Sparingly

Using a keyword in your blog headline is a great idea. It will attract people to your website, even if they aren’t looking for a specific product, and it will help your post pop up on search engines. However, you don’t want to load up your headline with a bunch of keywords because readers will recognize this issue. Finding a balance is a great way to create a headline.

Good Headline: 50 Greatest Gangster Movies of All Time

Bad Headline: Gangster Films, Gangster Movies, and Gangster Blockbusters

Create a Listicle to Draw Readers In

One of the best ways to ensure people will read your article is to write it in a list form and then include a number in your headline. Readers often want to see rankings, from products to art to people, so make sure you create a listicle if you can, especially if you are new to blogging. It will make the process of writing your blog post easier and creating a headline a snap.

Good Headline: 3 Ways to Help Someone Coping with Depression

Bad Headline: Help Someone You Love Who Is Currently Coping with Depression

Don’t Use Clickbait Headlines

People are over clickbait, which is the term used to describe headlines that try to force readers to click on the article. With so much information available and so many things to read, people are often turned off by a headline that refuses to give them the basic information about an article and instead tries to trick them into clicking forward. To create a good headline, just tell your readers upfront what the piece is about and let them decide if they want to continue reading your piece. Because you were clear, concise, and didn’t try to trick them, they probably will do just that.

Good Headline: Florida Woman Is Bitten by an Alligator and Escapes 

Bad Headline: This Woman Was Bitten by an Alligator… and You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next!

Keep Headlines Short

It’s important to keep your headline as short and simple as possible while also drawing in your readers. If your headline is too long, people might stop reading it halfway through or Google might even cut off part of it in search results. Either way, all your hard work will go down the drain.

Good Headline: 100 Books to Read Before You Die

Bad Headline: Books, Books, and More Books: Here Are the 100 Best Novels and Nonfiction Titles You Absolutely Must Put on Your Bucket List

Evoke Emotions

People respond best when their emotions get involved. Remember this as you’re writing headlines. Think about what makes someone sad, mad, angry, happy, motivated, inspired, etc. All of these emotions make people want to click on a headline to read more. Determine your audience’s needs and then fulfill those needs in the headline.

Good Headline: 10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days

Bad Headline: Ways to Lose Weight

People Judge Content by Its Headline

While you should never judge a book by its cover, people judge online content by its headline. Work on your headlines to see if you can increase engagement and click throughs. From our work with good blog headlines, we’ve been amazed by the power of them.



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5 Secrets to Attracting Customers with the Best Blog Headlines


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