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Best Online Sources to Learn SEO

Most people, regardless of whether or not they are into websites, accidentally stumble upon SEO. The reasons for looking into SEO are myriad: the boss asked them to do it, all the cool bloggers are talking about it, or because they simply want their $100-a-year website to show up on a Google search.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can be complicated and confusing to people new to it. Yet, the necessity of SEO in today’s digitally forward world cannot be denied. When you start reading up on SEO online, you will find a lot of stuff that isn’t true or doesn’t make sense. But you will also find invaluable resources that help you get started with SEO. A few of those resources are explained in this post.


One of the best websites on SEO ever since it was known by a different name, Moz should be the first place to head to when learning about website optimization. Although a PRO membership will get you the best stuff, the helpful community and the educational content on the blog enables everyone to learn and grow. The beginner’s guide and the free SEM guide make a great place to start.

Webmaster World

If you are serious about getting the hang of this “SEO stuff” and wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks to get access to some of the best content on the internet, then Webmaster World is the place to be. One of the oldest and most trusted communities on web development, SEO, and online marketing, the site has real webmasters sharing their experiences, thoughts, opinions, and issues on the aforementioned topics, and inviting a healthy discussion. Webmaster World requires a paid subscription, but it is well worth it.


When it comes to SEO, can the Internet’s reigning search engine be far behind? Google has several resources on search engine optimization, including helpful articles and guides. The site also has a downloadable Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, a comprehensive and exhaustive guide to SEO for beginners. Anyone who is serious about SEO must get this guide because it is one of the best you can find online. From the best practices for optimizing your website for different devices to make your site rank in a Google search, the guide explains everything.


The site makes products for marketers, and needless to say, SEO is a huge part of digital marketing. Hubspot features a wide range of information that helps both newcomers and website pros take their SEO skills ahead. Some of the SEO tools are part of their paid products, but they also have a variety of educational content including templates, guides, and also a 30-day website traffic planner

Search Engine Land

Similar to Moz, this online marketing publication has been around for a while and does a fine job of taking complex ideas and simplifying them for beginners. Their Guide to SEO is not only comprehensive but also accompanied by attractive infographics.

Although necessary, SEO can be confusing for beginners. These online resources will help you master optimization at your own time and pace.

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Best Online Sources to Learn SEO


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